The Cocktail Cube


Inspiration comes in the least likely of places. But not ours. Our idea came in the likeliest of places - a party where cocktails were being served!

The impetus for Cocktail Cube started at a friend's holiday party, where little ice cubes full of fresh mint and blackberries were being smothered with alcohol and enjoyed by vodka drinkers and bourbon drinkers alike. Everyone thought it was such a great idea, and Eureka! Cocktail Cube was born. 

The only part of cocktails that we were experts at was drinking them, so we enlisted the help of our buddy Jeremy, who lives in The Big Apple and is a guru of all things Cocktail.  He was one of the people that helped bars in Manhattan develop their cocktail menus each year - needless to say he is extremely talented and knows his way around the bar.  He came on board as our Chief Cocktail Chef and worked tirelessly to develop the perfect interpretations of all the classic cocktails you've come to love, tucked into a cute little frozen cube. 

It took a few years, but in late 2019 it was time to launch this sucker!  Emily, the boss CEO lady, doubled down and went all in on The Cocktail Cube.  Along the way, we certainly learned some things (like shaking the Cubes in a shaker for 15-30 seconds makes a huge difference in customer experience).  We also learned about food safety, responsible sourcing, organic ingredients, and most importantly, we have truly mastered the art of downing a cocktail.

In all sincerity, thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will buy something, and we hope you enjoy drinking Cocktail Cubes!