The Cocktail Cube



WTF is a Cocktail Cube?

Oh, glad you asked! The Cocktail Cube is an ultra-premium cocktail mixer made of only fresh, organic, and all natural ingredients. No preservatives either - basically the healthiest thing you can mix with liquor! The Cocktail Cube was designed to create access to high-quality craft cocktails for the at-home cocktail drinker. It’s great for parties! The Cube is a frozen 2" ice cube of all the ingredients you need to make a classic cocktail at home sans the alcohol. 


How does it work?

This is an easy one. Drop a cube into a shaker, add liquor, shake, pour, and enjoy!


How many Cocktail Cubes come in a pack?

You get thirty (30) cubes in a Party Pack, and six (6) cubes in an individual pack. 


Where can I get it?

You're in the right spot. You can pre-order online and we will get these magical little beasts in your hands late summer.   


How are The Cocktail Cubes shipped? 

We ship all orders on Monday's (great way to get rid of those ever-present "case of the Monday's"). The Cocktail Cubes are shipped frozen, and have to stay that way for best results. Therefore, they're shipped on dry ice.  Have no fear, dry ice will keep these babies frozen for days! When you receive your Cocktail Cube package, be careful not to touch the dry ice directly - it's negative 110 degrees. Remove the dry ice bag and place in a well-ventilated area so it can evaporate. If you aren't going to enjoy the Cubes immediately, store them in the freezer. 


Can you ship anywhere in the United States?

Oooooh, this is a bummer. We can only ship to the continental United States due to the frozen nature of the product. The Cocktail Cubes have to stay frozen in transit, and until Elon Musk devises a way to travel the space-time continuum, we can't ship to OCONUS locations. 


Does my butt look big in these pants?

Absolutely not. But send us a picture to confirm. 


Do I have to mix the Cubes with alcohol?

Nope! If you're on a cleanse, pregnant, or just living the non-alcohol life, and love the taste of freshly-crafted cocktails at home, The Cocktail Cube makes a great mocktail. Just add coconut water, your favorite low-cal juice beverage, or soda water (don't shake with soda water - just let it mellow for a few minutes - or else you could have a mocktail explosion on your hands).


Why are the Cubes differing sizes?

Each recipe designed by our in-house Chief Cocktail Chef, Jeremy, was meticulously developed with the perfect proportion of ingredients in mind. Jeremy stuck to classic interpretations of classic drinks, and the recipes have different volumes. The Cosmo and the Old Fashioned are our smaller-volume cubes, while the Margarita, Moscow Mule, and Bees Knees are fuller. 


What liquor goes with what Cube?

Vodka your jam? Try the Cosmo and the Moscow Mule. 

Bourbon get you jazzed? The Old Fashioned is your game, then. Bonus: you can also add bourbon to our Bees Knees Cocktail Cube and it becomes a Gold Rush.

Gin your old faithful? The Bees Knees is literally the bees knees.

Tequila fan? Then you want our Margarita. 

And if Dark Rum makes you think of that Spring Break you took to Key West junior year of college, you gotta try our Moscow Mule. It's called a Dark and Stormy and you won't be disappointed.

What's your favorite movie?

Geez, can you narrow it down a little? Indie: Princess Bride. Action: Jason Bourne. Rom-Com: Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Sci-fi: Predator.


Do The Cocktail Cubes have to be served over ice?

This is one of the great things about our Cubes - since they are frozen in the manufacturing process and stay that way all the way until they're ready to be consumed, they're cold as ice. You can drink all of our recipes straight up - no ice means no drink dilution! But if you're a traditionalist and you just don't feel right drinking a marg without ice, you can always serve it over ice.


How long does it take The Cocktail Cube to dissolve in a shaker?

It takes about 15-20 seconds of shaking to dissolve the cube once liquor is added.  This is your chance to live out that Cocktail fantasy you've always had - shake it like a polaroid picture! Don't worry if there's a small bit of frozen Cube left after the shaking process - it will continue to flavor your drink and keep it cold. 


What's the best way to serve Cocktails Cubes at a party?

The Cocktail Cube is a great party drink because you can offer your guests premium cocktails with none of the work. Plus they provide amazing Boomerang opportunities during the shaking process (doin' it for the 'gram). There are a few ways you can prep for a party with our Cubes:

- Pre-load mason jars with Cubes and liquor and wait for your guests to shake 'em up. 

- Throw a bunch of Cubes in a pitcher with a bunch of liquor and let that polar ice cap melt while you get ready

- Keep them in a party tub of ice

- Store them in your freezer and take them out on demand