The Cocktail Cube

The Bees Knees

6 Servings


The Bees Knees
The Bees Knees The Bees Knees The Bees Knees

Tastes Like | The Joyful Tears of a Thousand Bees

Best With | Gin

Honey + lemon has long been considered one of the greatest healing combinations in history. Leave it to us modern humans to add alcohol so we can enjoy the flavors when we’re sick AND partying. Shake well with 2 ounces of your favorite gin or non-alcoholic beverage and serve straight-up.  A common reaction to trying The Cocktail Cube's Bees Knees is, "This is the only drink on earth that could have converted me into a gin drinker." You're welcome!  BONUS: If gin ain't your thing, add bourbon and enjoy a Gold Rush.


The Good Stuff: Fresh organic lemon juice, honey syrup (filtered water, local Georgia honey), filtered water