The Cocktail Cube

What the *bleep* is going on at The Cocktail Cube, Round 2

A Conversation Between our CEO and Founder (Emily) and our CEO and Founder (Emily)

Emily: What's happening?

Emily: Well, it's a crazy time out there.  There's a worldwide pandemic, an upcoming presidential election, hurricanes and fires pummeling various coasts of America, a nationwide dry ice shortage...should I go on?


Emily: No, I mean what's happening at The Cocktail Cube? First you were balls to the wall, then took some time off, then convinced your loyal customers to place pre-orders, and now you're taking more time off?

Emily: Well, I hate that we are here again but such is the life of a startup. After several months of dedicating all of our time and resources to expanding our manufacturing the fulfillment to make for a better customer experience, we aren't ready yet. Everything is taking longer these days (except time between dentist visits - how does 6 months go by so fast??), and starting up a manufacturing business is no different! 


Emily: What does this mean for your customers, old and new?

Emily: It means that we won't be in full production for another few months *sigh*. However, we will be fulfilling all of our pre-orders the Old Fashioned way (pun intended) - by hand. If you've placed a pre-order, you'll receive it in the coming weeks.


Emily: That's great, I mean, some of your customers have been waiting for their pre-orders for a while and are quite thirsty. 

Emily: I know, Emily, and I can say we truly appreciate everyone's patience and faith. 


Emily: So what are you going to be doing to get The Cocktail Cube back in fighting shape as quickly as possible?

Emily: My trusty partner in Cocktail crime, Paige (actual title = COO) and I are perfecting our "raise money" hustle to finance our expansion. We will continue to do this until we achieve our goal (nothing like trying to raise capital in the middle of a pandemic!). We will also continue our work on sourcing only the best ingredients and the best vibes to put into our beloved Cocktail Cubes. 


Emily: Sounds like you have it all figured out, Emily!

Emily: Pfffffft, hardly! Just trying to do my best. I know how much joy and relief these little Cubes of perfection have provided me, I mean, my customers since we launched last year, and I want to continue being part of that joy. 

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