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What the *bleep* is a co-packer?

Have I mentioned I’ve never started a manufacturing business before The Cocktail Cube?  I had no idea what a “co-packer” was before I decided to dip my toes into the specialty food (drink) business.

You know those cute little cheese straws you love to snack on? How about the frozen Italian ice cups? Well there’s a significant chance they were manufactured by a co-packer. So while the label says, “XYZ Cheese Straw Company” they were actually mixed, cooked, and packaged by ABC Co-Packing Company.

Why do 1/3 of specialty food companies utilize a co-packer?

In the case of The Cocktail Cube, we simply couldn’t expand without one….well, not without cloning ourselves and increasing the number of hours in a day. (If you’ve figured out how to do this without ripping a hole in the space-time continuum, please email the details to me at  A co-packer can have the best knowledge, facilities, and process efficiencies to help take a small business to great heights.  Aside from the ability to produce in greater quantities, a co-packer can also source ingredients, packaging, and logistical sources that fill out the fulfillment process (listen to me, geeking out on supply chain …). Also, it takes tons of time and money to build out the infrastructure required to manufacture at high quantity and speed; with an established co-packer it’s pretty much plug-and-play.

If you’ve been following our journey here at The Cocktail Cube, you know we are in the process of integrating with a co-packer.  I am *positive* we will provide a better customer experience with the help of our co-packer. Not only will we be able to keep up with demand, but our new packaging rocks (SO excited about it…I could go on and on), and our fulfillment process will be c'est magnifique (hello, West Coast!).  

I hope you gained a little insight into what a co-packer is, and why it’s important to us. Isn’t life funny? I bet when you woke up today you weren’t thinking, “Hm, I really wish I knew more about specialty food manufacturing”, but then you clicked through to our blog and got some KNOWLEDGE dropped on you! Cheers!

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