The Cocktail Cube

What the *bleep* happens during a capital raise?

 OK, now we’re getting into some exciting stuff…capital raises! It’s that time here at The Cocktail Cube.

Companies of all sizes, shapes, and industries raise money and it’s for one thing and one thing only…so they can keep doing what they do and do it better, faster, and with more gusto! Many startups rely on early investors as an alternative to taking on debt. You’ve probably heard lots of money-raising terms thrown around at the ol’ water cooler…equity, dilution, venture capital, angel investor, blah blah blah.

Such terms have been dancing around our heads here at The Cocktail Cube because we are in the midst of our very first fundraise, termed “Friends & Family.” We’ve been self-funded so far, but in order to expand at the scale we want and conquer the cocktail kingdom, we need to look outside our own bank accounts. And the target investor? Yep, you guess it – friends and family who are willing to take a leap of faith.

Now, such investments are considered to be on the risky side of the pendulum, but with risk comes great reward. As an early-stage investor, one could turn chump change into eternal wealth by placing their chips on a well-designed, relevant, agile startup (hello, Facebook!).

Paige (my new COO - yessssssss) and I are taking our dog and pony show on the road to secure investment for The Cocktail Cube, constantly refining our pitch to best represent the opportunity we believe the investment is. It’s not easy and we don’t always know the answers, but until we reach our goal, we will be here, on Zoom, with our Cocktail Cube t-shirts on, asking family, friends, and fans to take a chance on us and our little frozen concoctions. #dropshakepour

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