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What the *bleep* is going on at The Cocktail Cube?

What the *bleep* is going on at The Cocktail Cube?

I am not a regular blog reader, or writer. But as I navigate the waters of growing this business, I want to let my friends, family, and most importantly my customers know what’s going on in the world of The Cocktail Cube. It’s also kind of like a time capsule, right? Putting all my screw-ups and triumphs into a cyberspace box for posterity.

Hi, I’m Emily. I founded The Cocktail Cube late summer ‘19 with the goal of saving the world one cocktail at a time.  The Cocktail Cube is approaching a year in existence - we've had some fits and starts, and we’ve got some big things in the works.

Those who’ve been in the loop on this ride with me know that I’ve pretty much been a one-woman show – hand crafting, freezing, packaging, and slanging every single Cube. Having a limited startup budget I built the TCC website myself, launching it late last year. We were plugging along with family and friends sales and parties here and there, with my husband and I doing too much product testing along the way. And then the world changed with Covid-19.

Because our Cubes are all about empowering at-home imbibers to make delicious, all-natural craft cocktails at home, our business naturally started picking up steam with the Covid quarantines. Our messaging resonated with what was happening in society, and new customers began finding us organically.  Demand outpaced capacity, and I had to make the tough decision to halt production to focus 100% of my time on “scaling up. ” We desperately needed to expand manufacturing and streamline packaging and fulfillment to provide the best customer experience possible.

Now, this decision *did* anger some of our neighbors who were stopping by daily to get their Cocktail Cube fix (you know who you are...), but taking a step back to ensure we could actually handle the growth we were experiencing was necessary.  Over the last few months we have gone eyeballs deep in manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, and all kinds of other business terminology we weren’t all that worried about before, but are now focused on pretty relentlessly.

We are SUPER excited to share our Cubes with everyone again in late summer, and I welcome you to follow my journey to re-launch. I am hoping for tons of successes…but I am not afraid to let you learn from my mistakes. Let’s save the world one cocktail at a time. #dropshakepour

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